Logo Design

A custom logo is the first step in getting your business noticed. The logo is at the core of your branding, let us build you the perfect logo today!

Website Design

Already have a great logo but need a custom website? Look no further. We have the experience and talent on staff to build your custom website today!

Email Marketing

Now that your logo and new website are up and looking great, it’s time to push things to the next level with email marketing. We design custom email templates.

We’re real people, not AI. We offer the personal touch and attention to detail that the big guys simply don’t.

Logo Design

Your logo is where it all starts. It’s the first thing your customer see and it’s how they will recognize you in the future. It’s the core of your brand so it pays to get it right.


Once your customer knows where they are, thanks to that great logo we did, now it’s time for the website to shine. No matter what your goals are whether it’s marketing your latest service, selling your products online or growing your new business your website is ready to do the heavy lifting.

Email Marketing & Branding

Email marketing is a great way to maintain a positive communication path with your customers. Our design teams can make sure your message is getting through effectively. We also specialize in helping you establish your brand by helping you maintain consistency with all of your marketing and sales material




Our process is unique. We spend a great deal of time learning about you, your business and your goals. Our first step is to get to know more about your business and what it is that makes your business exceptional.



We then put our experts to work and develop a solution custom tailored to meet the needs of your project.



The final step is to deliver the final product on time and on budget. We then work to maintain your business and see to all of your online and website needs going forward.


We have been using K5 Media for over 20 years. As one of their oldest customers we can attest to the quality of service we receive from K5 Media. Their focus on customer services is second to none.

Noel C – Cook & Solis Construction, Inc.


Website Hosting

Need a place to call home? We have a wide array of hosting options to accommodate all your business needs. Contact us for a quote today.

Domain Name Management

Keeping track of your domain name can be such a hassle, and worse yet if you let your domain name expire somebody else can come along a swoop it up. We won’t let that happen on our watch.


All of our hosting plans offer plenty of email options. With spam protection and generous storage options, your emails are safe and secure. Want to use Google Workspace or Microsoft 365, we can set that up for you too.

Ready to explore your long term business possibilities with K5 Media?

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